Sunday School classes for children through 5th grade meet from 9:15am to 10:15am, before worship.

    Paul says to parents, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Any teaching children receive on a weekly basis in their specific classes is only a supplement to what we trust you are already learning together as a family.

    We strongly believe in the necessity and importance of intergenerational integration. This means that most everything we do on a regular basis is meant to include the whole family, including and especially our regular Lord’s Day worship. We sing together, pray together, come to the Lord’s table together, give together, and hear the gospel proclaimed together.

    Psalm 127 says that unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. We believe that the Lord is building His house and so our dedicated team of teachers are going to continue to faithfully communicate the truth of the Scriptures week after week to our children.

    Christians follow a well-worn path. Every one of us follows in the footsteps of those who have gone before and we are all showing the way to those coming after us. In other words, when we look at the big picture we are all following and we are all leading. At Christ Fellowship our desire is to lead younger people in word and deed down that well-worn path.

    We understand and firmly believe that only disciples of Christ can make disciples of Christ and thus we encourage and provoke students to know Truth. We strive for growth, not prolonged adolescence. Like a tree planted by water, a garden or a newborn baby, steadfastness, fruitfulness, and maturity cannot be expected overnight. Discipleship is an organic process like any other organic process. As parents, mentors, teachers, or preachers at the end of the day, we are all ultimately trusting the magical—the supernatural work of the Creator of life. We are trusting the sure hands of the good Potter to do with our young people what will glorify Himself the most. 

    Young People

    Older People

    This section applies to you if you are older than someone else. Paul paints a wonderful picture in Titus 2 (vv. 1-8) of intergenerational relationships and the mentoring that takes place where the gospel is at work as we share life together. 

    Older men and women are commanded, not suggested, to teach those who are younger. 

    Our hope is to create unity in diversity. Men and women, single and married, young and older will gather together in recognition of our absolute inability to live out the gospel alone.

    It has often been said that music is the language of the soul and we believe it. We are passionate about music as it is a rich part of the Church's history and tradition. We love it, we love to listen to it and we love to create it. 

    This passion stems from a love of the arts and all things beautiful. Go ahead and try to separate what is beautiful from the one who Created it all. You can't, no one can. The God who is called the Author and the Creator has not only made everything beautiful in its time, He gave us the standard of beauty itself. All is from Him and for Him. To God alone be glory.

    Paul says that we are to address one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord in our hearts. This is a joy! Music helps us to move what is in our heads, into our hearts. We believe that this is the goal of music in our gatherings: the saints singing as one, worshipping in Spirit and Truth.

    To worship in Spirit and Truth isn’t a formula or recipe for a “really good” worship gathering. We are in the Spirit and Christ is the Truth. Christ in us is the fragrance of worship whether we're singing or sleeping. It is not as much about a willful choice as it is about Christ, our life, and the fruit that we bear. It is about God glorifying His Son in His Church. Music is an avenue—one beautiful aspect of the grand reality of Christ in us, the Hope of glory.



    Prayer is not just a religious activity we do, it's the lifestyle of the believer. Paul told the Thessalonians to "pray without ceasing." This doesn't mean we are to spend all of our time on our knees and in our closets, it means we live with the conscious reality of Christ in us. We live conscious of the reality that God is always speaking and as a good Father, He has invited His children to ask of Him anything (John 14:14).

    Prayer is an attitude, a mindset that is incorporated into our daily life wherever we are and in whatever we do. Our mind set on God, communing with Him, and loving Him with all of our heart and mind and strength. It is our communication with God—conscious as we pray with our understanding and constant as the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us.

    "I pray because I can't help myself. I pray because I'm helpless. I pray because the need flows out of me all the time—waking and sleeping. It doesn't change God—it changes me."—C.S. Lewis

    Just as important as our individual faithfulness to private prayer is our corporate praying which strengthens the body of Christ locally and beyond. Regularly this includes everything from praying for the suffering among us, our governing authorities, and our persecuted brothers and sisters.

    So in all things by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God....corporately and personally.

    If you would like us to pray for you, please fill out the prayer request form below and we would be happy to. 

    Located at 802 Hackberry Street in the Taylor Resource Center, Shepherd's Heart is a ministry that provides basic assistance with food, clothing, and emergency shelter. It began as the benevolent arm of CFC and currently operates in partnership with the Capital Area Food Bank and the Taylor Area Ministerial Alliance.

    In addition to the food pantry, Shepherd's Heart also operates a thrift shop. These services are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm to 3pm and Saturdays from 9am to 10:30am. For information about receiving help, making a donation, or volunteer opportunities, you may speak to someone during these hours by calling (512) 352-5553.

    Shepherd's Heart

    Taylor Pregnancy Resource Center

    The mission of Taylor Pregnancy Resource Center is to provide for the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs to parents of unborn children. Because all human life is precious, Taylor Pregnancy Resource Center exists to bring compassionate help and hope to those who are unprepared for pregnancy; to offer abortion counseling; present abstinence as a positive lifestyle for singles; and to provide opportunity for healing and restoration to those who have been hurt by abortion. We do all this in the name of Jesus Christ, who by His compassion has saved and changed our lives.

    Services offered at no charge include pregnancy testing, limited sonograms, maternity and baby items (when in stock), diapers, formula, and referral to community services.

    We are located at 421 N. Main St Taylor, TX and our hours of operation are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am to 1pm and Saturdays by appointment. 

    For information about receiving help, making donations, or volunteer opportunities, you may speak to someone during these hours by calling (512) 352-9500.

    Serve Taylor Afterschool exists to help and inspire students to learn, grow, and thrive. This program serves middle school students at the facilities of Christ Fellowship Church, from 4pm to 6pm each Monday through Thursday during the school year. 

    Our aim is to assist parents who are unable to be with their children when they get out of school, in seeing their children grow to become respectable and responsible citizens through intergenerational relationships and strong community partnerships.

    For more information, or if you would like to volunteer or donate, visit

    Serve Taylor Afterschool

    Global Missions

    Faith Mission International

    Located just on the border in Del Rio, Texas, across from Acuña, Mexico. Faith Mission is a ministry based on evangelism, discipleship, leadership training, planting new works, and presenting the Gospel. Learn More.

    Watch & Pray Ministries

    Getaneh and his wife Wosene educate Christian churches through evangelistic speaking that engages, impacts, and encourages God’s people to hear the cries of the persecuted church through conferences, pastoral training, and by bringing hope and promise into the lives of the widows and orphans, the homeless, and the lost, through various ministries to these groups both in America and abroad. Learn More.

    One More International

    Jeff and Roxana Sherrill live full time in Costa Rica and have three children, Brandon, Benji, and Desi. They have been ministering in Central & South America and the Caribbean for decades with a focus, for the last several years, on making disciples of the etnias (nations). They have faithfully executed this via Bible school instruction, pastoral servanthood conferences, pastoral/mentoring programs, and evangelism.


    We also support a Christian family from Taylor, Texas who live and do business in India as a means of spreading the gospel to the unreached, and discipling new believers.